Portland Yoga Teacher in Half Moon Pose

Colleen practicing half moon pose in Zion National Park

Colleen’s yoga classes emphasize awareness as a vehicle for change. She celebrates the power of yoga to increase awareness through mindfulness. By encouraging acceptance of the present, no matter how challenging the pose, Colleen encourages her students to strive for the inner peace that ancient mind-body traditions have sought for millennia.

Rooted in meditation techniques as well as Vinyasa and Yin yoga styles, Colleen’s yoga classes cultivate strength, flexibility, endurance, and compassion. Her students are often surprised to find themselves laughing in the middle of class, as they “play around” with an arm balance or an inversion. The inspiration for Colleen’s classes arises from her personal study of how neurology and psychology intersect with the ancient wisdom of yoga. Informed by a Master of Arts in Teaching education degree and her own emotional experiences, Colleen creates a safe place for her students to discover and celebrate themselves on their mats.

Off the mat, Colleen enjoys cycling, reading, creative writing, gardening, and creating art and music. She especially likes to sing during jam session with friends. Cooking organic meals from her garden is one of Colleen’s greatest delights. She also enjoys studying meditation techniques. “Love, Learn, and Laugh” is Colleen’s life-long motto for happiness.

Colleen currently teaches public-facing classes at Corepower Yoga (both SE and NW locations) and Yoga on Yamhill. She also offers private and small group lessons for adults and kids. Please visit Colleen’s Teaching Schedule for more logistics.

Colleen’s Areas of Yoga Expertise:
• Yoga for beginners
• Alignment– how to properly stack joints and engage muscles to keep the body safe
• The Chakras
• Prenatal Yoga
• Kids Yoga
• Hot Yoga, sometimes called “Bikram”
• Vinyasa Yoga
• Restorative/Yin Yoga
• Creating yoga practices to open or strengthen a specific part of the body
• Private lessons to take your practice to the next level
• Pranayama
• Seated meditation in the Vipassana style
• Special events–outdoor or conference classes for adults and children
• Yoga for Office Professionals — Colleen has taught at Kaiser, ebay, G Diapers, and many other local companies.
• Yoga and the brain
• Yoga and Midnfulness in Education
• How to establish yourself as a yoga teacher

For more info, please email Colleen directly.





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