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Weekend Yoga Events I am Attending

This weekend my schedule is jam packed with yoga events! I am blessed to be part of several yoga communities with amazing special occassions.

Last night I went to a special harmonium and mantra workshop at Mandala Yoga. Signa, the owner, led us through the basics of how to play the harmonium, which is a wind instrument that sounds somewhat like an organ. It creates a drone to accompany mantra singing. We learned drone chord progressions for many mantras, and I am excited to incorporate more call-and-response signing to open my classes at Mandala. (I wish I owned a harmonium so I could also do this at school and at Yoga on Yamhill!)
This afternoon I am attending another event at Mandala, a Yoga Nidra class! Nidra is a yoga sleeping meditation. It is very unique and deeply relaxing. It has been a few years since I did yoga nidra, so I can’t wait!
I had also considered going to an Ashtanga workshop at Yoga on Yamhill this morning, but my body needed extra sleep. 

As I continue in the 40 day yoga challenge, I am grateful for yoga events. They help keep my practice fresh and interesting!

Kids at Yoga Rocks the Park Yoga Kids Camp doing Tree Pose

“Tree pose, everyone!!”

Today I’m sharing a few photos from Yoga Rocks the Park, an incredible outdoor yoga festival in its second year here in Portland. On seven Saturdays this summer, Portland yogis will come together for live music, great flows, and sunshine! So far there have been two YRP dates, on 7/5 and 7/12. This past Saturday, the 12th, I was thrilled to lead the Kids Camp at Yoga Rocks the Park Portland. Move Yoga teacher Allyson Copacino (pictured in grey above) helped me create a super fun Kids Camp experience.

As a teacher, I love the format of teaching at Yoga Rocks the Park. There are some classroom management challenges here, as my fellow elementary teachers could attest. First, the age range. We had twelve kids varying in age from three to eleven. Before the event, we weren’t sure exactly how many kids would show up, so I had to be prepared with plenty of yoga activities to keep the little yogis engaged in kids yoga while their parents participated in the adult yoga flow. (There were over 200 people in attendance this last Saturday!) Here are a few of the activities we did at YRP:
–“Hari Om” song to get to know each others’ names
–Animal walking with rhythmic drumming
–Yoga with the Animals, in which we used different yoga poses to represent animals
–A nature walk, where we met some ducks, followed dragonflies, and discovered slugs.
–Savasana with homemade eyepillows. This little guy was just adorable as he relaxed in savasana. When I invited the kids to take an eye pillow and relax, he took one for his giraffe friend as well:

Kid in Savasana with eye pillow for him & his stuffed animal

An eye pillow for me, and an eye pillow for you

My favorite moment of the day came at the end of class. The timing just couldn’t be more perfect–the adults finished class just before us. There was a round of applause from the adults after they said, “Namaste.” Moments later, we concluded the kids class by saying, “Kind Hearts, Kind Words, Kind Thoughts! The best in me honors theĀ  best in you. Namaste!” The adults burst into applause again as they heard the littlest yogis saying “Namaste.” I will remember that fondly.

Colleen with Jenn Johnson, YRP organizerI want to finish up with a big thanks to Jennifer Johnson, the organizational wiz behind Yoga Rocks the Park Portland. Thank you for the opportunity to teach kids yoga in this incredible venue! If you’d like to participate in Yoga Rocks the Park, there are still five more dates:

July 26th
August 9th – I am leading Kids Camp
August 16th
August 23rd – I am leading Kids Camp
September 6th – I will be participating in the adult flow!

Come connect with fellow yogis and enjoy an incredible practice with live music–join us at Yoga Rocks the Park Portland this summer.