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Updated Events Page: Looking ahead to 2016

The new year is almost upon us! This time of year brings butterflies to my belly as I think about what I wish to manifest in the new year. Rather than wait until January to set intentions, I find it useful to do as much of this work as possible before the holidays. To get my own ducks in a row, and to keep you informed of the exciting yoga happenings coming your way, I have updated my events page.

Here’s a smattering of the events you’ll find there:
–I’m leading CoreRestore teacher training for CorePower this month.
–I’m subbing at Mandala Yoga this month and in January.
–Starting in January I will be co-leading Yoga + Therapy workshops on depression, trauma, stress, addictions, and how yoga can help us heal.
–Next April I will be presenting on how meditation and yoga is good for brain development at the PCPO conference.

My additional goals for next year include:
* Building out my mat donation non-profit efforts to bring more mats to more area schools. I would like to formalize this organization as a non-profit, while also outfitting Grant HS with 65 more mats. This year I have donated mats to four schools. I would like to increase that number for next year. Also: I need more help with this–drivers, storage space, etc.
* Finding a K-8 P.E. position where I can empower children with yoga and mindfulness tools for emotional regulation. (I am currently earning my P.E. endorsement for the state of Oregon; I will complete this program this month.)
* Leading at least one retreat in the Portland area. This would be an affordable extended weekend retreat, perhaps including camping and hiking.

If you’d like to help out with mat donations, retreat planning, or any of my other goals, please get in touch! Email me at