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Yoga from Head to Toe! My Classes This Summer.

Colleen in Dancer's Pose on the beach, with a quote from Rodney YeeAs an instructor, I’ve realized that my classes are better when I walk in with a theme. The chakra series I taught this Spring engaged students and accelerated my learning as well. So, I’ve decided to kick off a new 10-week series which will extend through the rest of the summer. I’m calling it “Yoga from Head to Toe,” or #Head2ToeYoga for the social media addicts out there.

Each week, I’ll focus on a different area of the body, working from the ground up. By attending class each week with me, you’ll get a fresh appreciation for your miraculous body. (And with all those bikini ads glaring there’s no better time to cultivate gratitude and love for your body!) I see both the chakra series and this new Head to Toe Yoga series as a chance to gain a holistic perspective on your health. One of yoga’s principles for living, Svadyaya, translates as “self-study.” By examining our different body parts with kindness, I hope we can reflect on our selves, and how we move through this world.

Here’s my anticipated schedule for the summer; I may shift these dates according to how classes go. I will be blogging each week so stay tuned to this channel for updates.

Bright Yoga from Head to Toe: Summer 2014!

6/30-7/4:  Feet & Ankles
7/7-7/11: Calves & Knees
7/14-7/18: Thighs & Hips
7/21-7/25: Break (I am teaching summer camp at The International School all week.)
7/28-8/1: The Core
8/4-8/8: Heart & Lungs
8/11-8/15: Break (I am at a family reunion in Mammoth this week.)
8/18-8/22: Shoulders & Arms
8/25-8/29: Head & Neck
9/1-9/5: Nervous System
9/8-9/12: Enteric System (Digestion)
9/15-9/21: Whole Body Coordination, including Connective Tissue

Whenever I teach series, I walk away feeling like I have learned even more than my students. As we close class and say, “Namaste” to each other, we recognize the guru in everyone around us. And sometimes I get a bit choked up at this point, thinking on how a yoga class is a community of learners, a group of souls helping each other along the journey of life. I am super stoked to dive into the fascinating ways of the body with you, my beloved students, and I can’t wait to learn right along with you!

See you on the mat,


<photo: © Colleen Cash 2014, all rights reserved.>

Weekly Preview: Themes for my Portland OR Yoga Classes

Photo credit: J.F. Marerro, Flickr, Creative Commons LicenseSometimes I go with the flow in my yoga classes, letting students’ requests and my own intuition guide the practice. At other times I plan my classes out, with a theme of my own in mind. This week I am practicing the latter. Here’s what you can expect in my Portland-area yoga classes for the week of February 24-28, 2014.

Monday 2/24/14
12:00-1:00pm East/West Yoga: 3rd Chakra. Imagination, will, discipline, the fire in your belly that drives you to make your dreams reality.
5:30-6:45pm Prenatal Yoga @ Zenana Spa: Grounding practice with a focus on the 1st chakra.
8:15-9:15pm CoreRestore @ CorePower Yoga NW: We will release tension in the shoulders, using the props to sink deep and gently stretch fascia. Also deep hip stretching.

Tuesday 2/25/14
9:45-10:45am Mama Fusion:
1:05-2:00pm WSAC: 2nd Chakra. Pleasure, creativity, flow. We’ll focus on the sacrum, pelvic bowl, and hips.
4:30-5:30pm Tiny Tots Yoga @ Zenana Spa: Adventure to the moon. Mindful looking. New relaxation tool for savasana.
8:15-9:15pm C2 at CorePower Yoga NW: Cross-body lymph cleansing. Plenty of twists, with emphasis on pumping the lymph nodes down the inside of the legs & arms. Great practice to prevent colds!

Wednesday 2/26/14
12:00-1:00pm East/West Yoga: 4th Chakra. Love, compassion, joy, service. Arms & hands will figure large as they are considered extensions of the heart. We’ll also use back bends, side bends, pranayama and mudra to open the heart.
3:30-5:30pm French American International School: Adventure to the moon, mindful looking. Older kids will finish mandalas. Younger kids will play the feather breath game.

Thursday 2/27/14
1:05-2:00pm WSAC: 3rd Chakra. Imagination, will, discipline, the fire in your belly that drives you to make your dreams reality. Triumphant Ujayii breath will figure large. Plenty of core & twists too.
7:30-8:30 C2 @ CorePower Yoga SE: 1st Chakra. Grounding, elimination, nourishment. Scarcity vs. Abundance. Focus on legs, feet, large intestines, bones.

Friday 2/28/14
3:15-4:00pm PreK & K Kids Yoga @ Harmony Montessori: #2/5. Trip to the zoo, mindful belly breath, breathing buddies, learn Sa Ta Na Ma.5:30-6:30pm Pre/Post-Natal Restorative @ Zenana Spa: 1st Chakra focused class with plenty of grounding postures.

As you can see I’m up to my eyeballs in the Chakras right now! I like to teach chakra series at least once a year. The chakras are loci where the body’s energetic pathways come together. Energy tends to get stuck or flow too fast in these vortices of energy. I appreciate going through the chakras at least once a year, to assess my own place in relation to each one. Like a series of psychological mirrors, we can use the chakras to uncover our own mindless habits in the different aspects of our lives. I hope you can join me this week for class.




< Photo credit: J.F. Marerro, Flickr, Creative Commons License >