I offer workshops and speaking services in the Pacific Northwest. I can deliver an engaging  keynote address for your corporate event, conference, or school meeting. Here are a few of the presentations I have given in the past:

Neuro-Parenting and Neuro-Teaching: Yoga, Breathing, Singing, and More for Compassionate work with Kids
I deliver an hour of information on how the brain works, and how mindfulness activities such as yoga impact brain function. Then we spend the second hour practicing yoga poses, breathing exercises, yoga songs, and more to practice with kids. I can bring yoga mats for the second portion of the workshop.

Meditation on the Mind: How Mindfulness Affects the Brain
Again, the first part of the workshop is informational, and covers how meditation changes the brain. I can cater this toward your group. For instance, I can discuss how mindfulness impacts group work for a corporate setting. Or, for preschool parents, I can speak to how meditative activities impact brain development.

Create Your Own Topic! Is there something specific you’d like me to cover? I am an expert in education, yoga, mindfulness, and writing. I am happy to work with you to find the right talk or workshop for your group.

Please email me at BrightYogaPDX@gmail.com and we can talk about event length and other elements. I look forward to speaking with your group!


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