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Yoga Inspiration: Rumi’s Poem “The Water You Want”

As a yoga instructor I am inspired by books, art, music, poetry… not to mention popular culture, stuff I see on Facebook, Pinterest boards… ha! There is inspiration all around us these days but sometimes it comes at us so fast that we can’t catch anything solid. For a long time in my life I have been looking outside of myself for guidance. I’ve been waiting for a guru–waiting for some signpost that I’m on the right path, and that there’s some series of steps I can follow to create the life of my dreams. But I’m learning that my own fate can’t be prewritten, and that my own inner map must guide my journey.

A poem from Rumi that I’m sharing in tonight’s CoreRestore at CorePower Yoga its on this point. Wait for that last line… it’s a doozie.

The Water You Want

Someone may be clairvoyant, able to see
the future, and yet have very little wisdom.

Like the man who sees water in his dream
and began leading everyone toward his mirage.

I am the one with heart vision.
I have torn open the veil.

So they set out with him inside the dream,
while he is actually sleeping
beside a river of pure water.

Any search moves away from the spot
where the object of the quest is.

Sleep deeply wherever you are on the way.
Maybe some traveler will wake you.

Give up subtle thinking, the twofold, threefold
multiplication of mistakes.

Listen to the sound of waves within you.

You are dreaming your thirst,
when the water you want
is inside the big vein on your neck.

What if all of us are walking around with our own salvation/happiness/peace already inside!? That’s what yoga teaches. That we are simply removing veils of illusion, polishing mud off the diamond until our true divine selves shine through.

If you see me in class this week, chat with me about this poem. I would love to hear your thoughts! (Once an English major, always an English major.) And if you feel like you’re running ragged these days, I heartily recommend silence and stillness. That’s where you can listen to your own heart song.