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2nd Chakra Flow – An Example Vinyasa Yoga Flow

Today I taught a second chakra flow at West Side Athletic Club, a beautiful gym in downtown Portland where I have taught for over three years now. One of my students requested that I share the flow here, so that she could practice again later. So, here’s my flow… Feel free to roll out your mat at home and practice this hip opening second chakra flow.

Seated rock the baby hip circles– one foot extended forward, bend the other knee & create figure 4 shape to stretch the hip
Easy seated fold — Take a cross-legged seat & fold forward. Put a block under head for extra support, relieve back of neck. Switch seat so other chin is in front & take it on the other side.
Stretch hamstrings by interlacing fingers under one foot, extending to sky, leaning back & lifting heart. Do other side too.
Cat/CowCome to belly, place forearms under shoulders, reach back with one hand and grab foot. Pull heel toward hip to find hip flexor stretch.

Sun Salutation Series
Inhale – Mountain
Exhale – Forward Fold
Inhale – 1/2 way lift
Exhale – Step right foot back to low lunge
Inhale & Exhale – Move right foot out to side & circle hips both directions
Inhale – Step back to plank
Exhale – Step other foot forward, outside of wrist, and make hip circles on this side, both directions.
Next Inhale – High plank
Exhale – High to half pushup (remember to modify here if needed by bringing down knees)
Inhale – Upward Facing Dog
Exhale – Downward Facing Dog
Inhale – Bend knees, lift heels.
Exhale – Step or walk or jump forward, big toes touch.
Inhale – Baby backbend (standing)
Exhale – Hands at the heart, Samastitihi

Warrior Flow
Transition to Downward Facing Dog
Inhale: lift right foot
Exhale: Scorpion Dog (bend top knee & stack hips)
Inhale: right knee to right tricep (rest of body is in plank)
Exhale: Step down to low lunge.
Inhale: Crescent lunge, bring hands high, back knee is down.
Exhale: Hands to earth, back toes tuck.
Inhale: High lunge.
Exhale: Side body stretch, right hand lowers while left hand reaches up and over to the right
Inhale: High lunge
Exhale: Warrior 2
Inhale: Reverse Warrior
Exhale: Extended side angle
Inhale: 5-pointed star, turn all ten toes to the left
Exhale: Wide legged forward fold, Prasarita.
Inhale: Halfway lift
Exhale: Turn to low lunge at top of mat
Inhale: Horizon lunge, turn all ten toes to right while right hand sweeps the horizon & reaches back
Exhale: Back to low lunge
Inhale: High plank
Exhale: High to half pushup/Chatarunga
Inhale: Up Dog
Exhale: Down Dog

That was the main flows for the class, we also focused on pelvic tilts, figure four balancing, half pigeon with torso variations, flowing cobra, bridge, and we ended with a delicious eagle leg twist. I LOVE teaching this class (and all my classes)! If you’re looking for yoga for the second chakra, these poses are great because they open the hips.

<photo: Via Nessman on Flickr Creative Commons>