Weekend Yoga Events I am Attending

This weekend my schedule is jam packed with yoga events! I am blessed to be part of several yoga communities with amazing special occassions.

Last night I went to a special harmonium and mantra workshop at Mandala Yoga. Signa, the owner, led us through the basics of how to play the harmonium, which is a wind instrument that sounds somewhat like an organ. It creates a drone to accompany mantra singing. We learned drone chord progressions for many mantras, and I am excited to incorporate more call-and-response signing to open my classes at Mandala. (I wish I owned a harmonium so I could also do this at school and at Yoga on Yamhill!)
This afternoon I am attending another event at Mandala, a Yoga Nidra class! Nidra is a yoga sleeping meditation. It is very unique and deeply relaxing. It has been a few years since I did yoga nidra, so I can’t wait!
I had also considered going to an Ashtanga workshop at Yoga on Yamhill this morning, but my body needed extra sleep. 

As I continue in the 40 day yoga challenge, I am grateful for yoga events. They help keep my practice fresh and interesting!

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